News: The Shen Health app is available to individual customers!
News: Shen Health App is now synced with Chat GPT
News: Clinical Trial Report of Shen.AI Vitals is now available!
News: The Shen Health app is available to individual customers!
News: Shen Health App is now synced with Chat GPT
News: Clinical Trial Report of Shen.AI Vitals is now available!
News: The Shen Health app is available to individual customers!
News: Shen Health App is now synced with Chat GPT
News: Clinical Trial Report of Shen.AI Vitals is now available!
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Try Shen.AI SDK in our health app, Shen Health. Download Shen Health App from Apple Store or Google Play

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The Shen Health application is part of the Shen Health Platform, which you can use for business purposes. Check its business potential here
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      Intuitive Health Screening with Shen.AI SDK

      Allow your user to comprehensively monitor their vital signs. Check wellbeing, prevent misdiagnosis, and motivate lifestyle changes thanks to Shen.AI SDK – our core-technology.

      It’s never been so easy to monitor Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Stress Index or HRV with just an app or browser.

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      Shen Health App

      Shen Health is the world’s first application that combines the advanced technology of measuring vital signs using a camera – Shen.AI with the capabilities of OpenAI, offering a comprehensive tool for health assessment and management in a holistic way.

      Measure vital parameters from your smartphone, gain self-awareness through health surveys, and receive personalized recommendations. Enjoy gamification elements, challenges, and rewards for staying motivated.

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      Shen Health Platform

      Check out the groundbreaking Shen.AI SDK in App paired with Dashboard. For preventive, holistic health assessment that builds health awareness and empowers individuals. 

      This comprehensive approach enables vital parameter measurements through your phone’s camera, includes health assessment surveys, gamification elements, health challenges, and more, all designed to promote well-being and engagement.

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      Camera Based Technology

      Our technology applies remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) – a contactless optical measurement technique of recording skin blood pulsations at different vascular depths.

      The rPPG signals invisible to the human eye are captured by computer vision techniques and later analyzed computationally to estimate various health and wellness metrics. Shen. AI can be used in predictive medicine, health assessment or as a wellbeing feature.

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      Why work with us?

      expand-functionality of health monitoring
      Expand the functionality of your solution

      Develop your product by adding a new feature to it

      umrove ux by addig camera based health monitoring to your product
      Use a proven solution

      Offer feature used by over 200k users monitoring their vital signs

      Engage your users

      with a measurement feature with a 97% completion rate.

      get more health information
      Get more information about your users

      Use what they share with you and choose the best action.

      grow sales with
      Grow your

      Increase your revenues by finding reason to talk with the user or by taking care of preventive health care


      Reduce your operating costs and save time

      How can I test Shen.AI SDK and/or Shen Health App?

      Fastest and easiest way to test usability and accuracy of Shen.AI is to download Shen Health from the Apple App Store or Google Play and run it with testing codes. Same way you can test Shen Health App. The access codes can be generated by our team.

      However if you need to test Shen.AI in your target environment you may get access to SDK via signing agreement with us.

      What is the difference between Shen.AI and Shen Health?

      Shen.AI SDK is Software Development Kit that can be integrated with any Mobile App, Web page (as iframe) or custom electronics, while Shen Health Platform consists of a stand-alone Mobile App with Shen.AI already integrated and Shen Health Insights Panel.

      What is important to make a good measurement of vital-signs?

      The two factors that are important in rPPG measurement are lighting and stability. Our engineers created top of the line algorithms for stabilization and normalization to achieve the widest possible spectrum of conditions in which measurements can be taken.

      It is like a traditional device like BP-cuffs – there are specific instructions to provide a good measurement.

      What are the Health Indexes?

      Health indexes related to non-medical determinants of health. Risk factors are any attribute, characteristic or exposure of an individual that increases the likelihood of developing a disease or incurring an injury.

      Shen.AI provides Risk of developing atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease within the next 10 years, Coronary heart disease, Stroke, Heart failure, Peripheral vascular disease, Risk of a hard cardiovascular event, Risk of a fatal cardiovascular event within the next 10 years, Coronary death, Fatal stroke, Vascular Age, Risk Score.

      How to use Shen.AI properly?

      For optimal results with Shen.AI technology, follow these simple steps:

      • Sit comfortably in well-lit surroundings (around 400 – 500 lx).
      • Ensure your hardware meets Shen.AI’s requirements.
      • Relax in a seated position for at least 5 minutes before starting your measurement to stabilize your circulatory and respiratory systems.
      • During measurement, maintain normal breathing and keep your head steady. Avoid talking or making facial expressions.
      • Position your face correctly in front of the camera to fit within the screen frame
      • When ready, simply press the START button.

      Don’t rush the 5-minute relaxation; it’s key to accuracy. For more in-depth guidance, download our comprehensive guide on using Shen.AI. 

      How is the rPPG based BP measurement different from traditional “cuff’ based measurement?

      Blood pressure is never constant and can fluctuate significantly over short intervals. Shen.AI measures blood pressure continuously for 60 seconds, yielding an average value. Factors like movement, speech, and cuff-based measurement can impact readings.

      Traditional cuff-based methods capture a momentary snapshot, while Shen.AI provides an averaged 60-second value. Discrepancies between the two methods are normal, with reference devices having an error standard deviation of 3-5 mmHg. Consult a healthcare professional for any concerns. For more information check our guide. 

      What will change after Shen.AI gets medical certification?

      The main difference is once the Shen.AI is certified as a medical device, clinicians can use readings/measurements solely of Shen.AI to make a diagnosis. Until then readings of Shen.AI can be used only as an indication that needs to be confirmed by a medical device.

      How much time is needed to get readings?

      First vital sign, which is Heart Rate, is available in only 5 seconds, the rest for physiological reasons to keep the accuracy are available at the end of measurements in 60 seconds.

      Is it easy for the user to make the measurement?

      Yes, we see over 98% of video-measurement completion rates. Measurement takes only 60 seconds and can be taken in most everyday situations. Moreover, Shen.AI provides a clear user-interface.

      Is it possible to make the measurement shorter than 1-minute?

      Yes, it can be also 30, or 45-seconds, however the accuracy of such measurement will be lower. 

      Can Shen.AI front-end be customized?

      Yes, front-end examples are available but they are not part of the core SDK. Front-end can be parametrized or built entirely by a customer.

      How is it possible to measure vital signs only with a camera?

      Shen.AI analyzes facial skin texture and extracts vital physiological signs in real-time. It applies remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) – to extract information about changes in light absorption on an individual’s facial skin that is reflective of their physiological condition. Such changes are captured within the RGB pixel values of camera frames and converted into various physiological vitals, using remote ppg signals delivered as a remote health monitor application.

      How do you calculate health indexes precisely?

      Health risk calculations are based on the Framingham Heart Study. For example, in the case of cardiovascular disease risk assessment, factors such as age, sex, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and smoking history may be considered. The software may use statistical models and algorithms to analyze these factors and calculate a person’s overall risk of developing cardiovascular disease over a certain period, such as ten years. 

      It’s important to note that any health risk calculation is only an estimate and cannot predict with 100% accuracy whether or not a person will develop a specific condition. Additionally, the accuracy of risk calculations may depend on the quality and accuracy of the data inputs and the particular algorithms and statistical models used by the software.

      It’s always a good idea to consult a healthcare professional for personalized health risk assessments and advice.

      What is the Stress Index and how is it calculated?

      Stress index is computed based on the statistical distribution of time intervals between the successive heartbeats detected during the video measurement. It is similar to the Baevsky stress index but has been adapted for short measurements (1 minute).

      Will MX Labs have access to our (customer) patient data of any kind?

      No. All readings, medical data provided by patients by hand or collected through Health Data API is in possession of our customer and under our customer regulations. All biometrical or other data necessary to read and compute readings are stored on the end device of the patient – our customer has no access to it.  

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