Shen.AI Software Development Kit (SDK) can be easily integrated in mobile apps and directly into Web pages as a white-label solution.

The SDK consist user end-point video acquisition and analysis as well as backend cloud based servers for computational models. It requires

Shen.AI requires only a smartphone, tablet or computer with a medium quality camera and supports iOS, Android, macOS, Linux and Windows.

Currently available vital signs and health metrics:

  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV SDNN)
  • Breathing Rate (Respiratory Rate)
  • Cardiac Workload
  • Stress Index
  • Vascular Age
  • Risk Score
  • Cardiovascular Disease Risks
  • Cardiovascular Events Risks

Shen.AI is available in per-per-use or MAU based pricing models with no additional fees for integration, maintenance, data or cloud storage.

See how Shen.AI works, download Heart Monitor for iOS or Heart Monitor for Android

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