Shen.AI SDK (Software Development Kit) is a B2B platform with precise and easy-to-use camera-based diagnostics of vital signs and wellness.


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How does Shen.AI work?

Shen.AI analyzes facial skin texture and extracts vital physiological signs in real-time. Our technology applies remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) – a contactless optical measurement technique of recording faceblood pulsations at different vascular depths and a precise 3D reconstruction of the skin model.

Combining these two data streams allows us not only to observe changes visible on the skin surface, but also to carefully analyze blood flowing underneath. Vital signs such as Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, or Blood Oxygenation can be quickly measured. In addition, observations of muscle micro-expression movements, fluctuations of iris size or changes in skin tone can provide quantitative information about mental health.

Integrate Shen.AI SDK to extract vital signs and metrics

Our technology enables to extract a wide range of user vital signs, like: Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Rate, Vascular Age, Cardiac Workload, Stress Index, Risk Sore, Cardiovascular Disease Risks, Cardiovascular Events Risks, Body Weight.

Shen.AI requires only a medium quality smartphone, tablet or computer with a camera and can be embedded in Mobile Apps or directly in Web browsers. It supports iOS, Android, macOS, Linux and Windows.

Vital Signs:

Heart Rate

Heart Rate Variability

Blood Pressure

Oxygen Saturation

Respiratory Rate

Body Weight

Health Risks:

Stress Index


Vascular Age

Cardioviscular Disease Risks

Stroke Risk

Heart Failure Risk

Future development plans:

Mental Markers

Skin Care & Skin diseases

Eyes Diseases

Shen.AI is an end-to-end solution for user end-point vital signs acquisition and analysis as well as backend cloud-based servers for computational models.

Where can Shen.AI SDK be used?

Shen.AI covers the entire health ecosystem: pre-primary care, primary and secondary. It will also help in diagnosis in home care and during pandemics. Time and cost saving solution anywhere and anytime.

Shen.AI delivers benefits across a wide range of use cases whether stand-alone or at scale. No hardware needed, just one device (smartphone, laptop, tablet).

The list of applications reach far beyond health - it can be used as a corporate or personal mental health support or wellbeing App, support in building healthy habits or fighting with obesity - those are just a few which can benefit from remote, contactless quantified data about users' physiological or mental conditions.

Shen.AI introduces new features to your App or Web page. Find out how vital signs measurement can expand the functionality of your solution, increasing its usability, improving user experience as well grow your sales.

Use cases for different verticals and the benefits of its application


  • Prevention & self-care for patients
  • Remote vital signs checkup for doctors
  • Remote medical triage
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Self-monitoring
  • Long-term health trends tracking for prevention


  • Contactless vital signs measurement
  • Monitoring and remote management of diseases
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Remote care and monitoring for elderly
  • Primary care diagnostics and health assessment in rural areas
  • Population screening

Digital Health & Wellness:

  • Daily health monitoring
  • Prevention and self-care tool
  • Individual health risks assessment
  • Support for building healthy habits
  • Real-time breath and pulse visualization

Life and Health Insurance

  • Verification and underwriting improvements
  • Wellness programs
  • Mortality risk assessment


  • Mental health support for employees
  • Wellness Apps for employees
  • Performance support

Mental Health:

  • Self-awareness support
  • Improvements into matchmaking with therapist
  • Mental metrics insights for therapists


  • Skin type analysis
  • Skin age
  • Skin health assessment

Pharma & e-pharmacy:

  • Screening tests
  • Enlarging the customer base
  • Medicine intake reminders
  • Marketing tool
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If you don’t have your customer product, or it's a matter of time or integration or your choice we have ready to use a Mobile App (Heart Monitor) or a Web page ( that can be used by your customers or patients or branded for you.

Heart Monitor and subscription bundles are available as an added value to your offer like affinity programs.

Shen.AI is available in Per-Per-Use or MAU (monthly active users) based pricing models with no additional fees for integration, maintenance, data or cloud storage.

Shen.AI can be embedded directly into dedicated hardware in various applications to prevent diseases actively or passively, like:

  • Smart mirrors
  • Fitness screens
  • Companion robots
  • Telepresence solutions

Check how Shen.AI works:

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