News: MX Labs is ISO 27001 certified!
News: MX Labs is ISO 27001 certified!
News: MX Labs is ISO 27001 certified!
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      What is the pricing?

      We have a tiered pricing model based on the number of Shen.AI SDK uses per month. This means we offer different usage packages (tiers) for varying pricing, depending on the level of usage. The greater the number of uses (the higher package) the lower the price per 1 use.

      What is important to make a good measurement?

      The two factors that are important in rPPG measurement are lighting and stability. Our engineers created top of the line algorithms for stabilization and normalization to achieve the widest possible spectrum of conditions in which measurements can be taken. It is like a traditional device like BP-cuffs – there are specific instructions to provide a good measurement. 

      What kind of smartphone is necessary for Shen.AI to operate? Does it need to be the newest, best camera etc?

      Most modern smartphones will support Shen.AI.

      How long does it take to integrate the SDK into my project?

      It takes approximately 1-2 days to integrate our SDK into your project. We have a lot of information, guidelines and examples available on the developer portal: 

      What kind of data can we extract?

      Real-time heart rate, real-time heartbeat intervals, average heart rate, HRV (SDNN and lnRMSSD metrics), Breathing Rate, aggregated heartbeat intervals.

      Will MX Labs have access to our (customer) patient data of any kind?

      No. All readings, medical data provided by patients by hand or collected through Health Data API is in possession of our customer and under our customer regulations. All biometrical or other data necessary to read and compute readings are stored on the end device of the patient – our customer has no access to it.  

      Do you have medical certification?

      We expect to get medical certification as a medical device class CE IIa in H2 2023 for Shen.AI SDK v1. Before we get the medical certification our solution depending on local regulations might be used for prevention, self-care and support for diagnosis. 

      What will change after Shen.AI gets medical certification?

      The main difference is once the Shen.AI is certified as a medical device, clinicians can use readings/measurements solely of Shen.AI to make a diagnosis. Until then readings of Shen.AI can be used only as an indication that needs to be confirmed by a medical device – ie. pulse oximeter or blood pressure meter.