News: MX Labs is ISO 27001 certified!
News: MX Labs is ISO 27001 certified!
News: MX Labs is ISO 27001 certified!
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      Our Purpose

      Is to help people stay healthy by providing precise and accessible digital diagnostic solutions. 

      Camera-based health screenings for everyone

      3.5 billion people worldwide lack access to essential health services due to inadequate medical infrastructure and shortages of work professionals. This leads to delayed diagnosis linked to worse patient outcomes and increased treatment costs.

      While limited financial and human resources remain a challenge, we want to leverage the power of technology to make diagnostics available directly in smartphones. With no extra devices and costs. To stop health inequalities and save lives. That’s why we turn smartphones into diagnostics tools.

      We have developed AI-powered technology that captures key health parameters from facial information.

      Camera-based health screenings for everyone
      About MX Labs - Remi Koscielny - CEO/Founder
      Remi Kościelny

      Entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in creation and delivery of digital products to global audiences. Co-founder of Vivid Games, listed on GPW, polish stock exchange, one of most known polish mobile game developers with over 125M downloads served. Passionate about healthy lifestyle, mobile products, and trends of tomorrow. Experienced in fundraising, creation and execution of strategy, company & teams management.

      About MX Labs - Przemek Jaworski - CTO/Founder
      Przemek Jaworski

      Experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in product and software design. Founder of ZMorph S.A., manufacturer of 3d printers, founder of Voxelizer software, co-founder of Lekko sp. z o.o. In 90’s and early 2000 active on polish demo scene as coder/3d designer. Skilled in Talent Management, Team Building, 3D Design, Programming, Marketing and Business Intelligence. Master of Science in Adaptive Architecture and Computation from University College London.

      Superhero Capital
      from Helsinki
      CEE investing vehicle
      of Bragiel Brothers
      HealthTech VC
      from Singapore
      Ragnar Saas
      Martin Tajur
      Aaron Patzer
      Uniwersytet SWPS - partner MX Labs